Results Description Attribute
Aqua-Form Water-based deforming wax with a high heat transfer coefficient, which provides excellent tool cooling.  
Aqua-Form dry Water-base defoaming wax for heavy and very heavy deformation strains. Can be applied dry. Sulphur-free.  
Food Tech Oil Odour- and tasteless hydraulic and lubricating oil based on highly purified oils. NSF FoodTechOil
Anti-Seize Micro-fine high-performance solid lubricant paste. Protects from corrosion, heat freeze and abrasion at temperatures of up to 1200 °C  
High-Performance Cutting Oil For simple to demanding machining tasks on all kinds of steels, casting materials and non-ferrous metals. Can be rinsed with water. Can be applied in the proximity of foodstuffs. Aerosol spray can with cutting gel.  
Metal-free Anti-Seize Metal-free high-performance lubricant prevents heat freeze and metal-to-metal contact at temperatures of up to 1400 °C.  
Cutting Coolant milky Mineral oil-containing cooling lubricant for general to heavy-duty machining processes with iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminium and alloys.  
Cutting Coolant transparent Clear water-soluble fully synthetic cooling lubricant for the grinding and milling of steel and non-ferrous metals.