Manual and Automatic Machines


Natural, biological parts washing

The BIO-CIRCLE parts washers offer the optimal solution for parts washing. With their easy handling, the fast, safe and eco-friendly cleaning also of strongly contaminated parts, and the long service lives of the VOC-free Liquid, the BIO-CIRCLE parts washers are simply unbeatable in terms of economic efficiency. The BIO-CIRCLE systems operate without solvents.
Replace your cold-cleaner parts washer with the BIO-CIRCLE parts washer and make an active contribution to your employees’ occupational safety and to environmental protection.

• Cleaning and degreasing of strongly contaminated parts
• Optimized depth of the basin ensures good splash protection
• Easy transport by means of a lift truck or a rail system with castors (optional)
• Control box with easier access to the components
• Filter system in the basin drain (coarse-, fine- and bag filter plus magnet)
• 8 years of BIO-CIRCLE device protection
• Minimization of physical burdens on employees & HAZMAT reduction
• Employee- and environmental protection

Available Models: –
– Bio-Circle GT Compact
– Bio-Circle GT Maxi


 Cleaning device for removing contaminations of any kind from heavily contaminated parts with complex geometries

The BIO-CIRCLE HP is the perfect cleaning device for removing contaminations of any kind from heavily contaminated parts with complex geometries. By cleaning at high pressure of up to 40 bar even the most persistent of contaminations, such as carbonized oils and resinous greases, are removed effortlessly. Moreover, the high pressure penetrates complex geometries without any problems, thus effectively dissolving the contamination. This makes the device perfect for cleaning ball bearings and such.

• Manual cleaning with low pressure/flow brush while the lid is open or closed
• Manual cleaning at high pressure of up to 40 bar
• Large workspace, high payload
• Pre-set optimal cleaning temperature of 45°C/113°F
• Insulated tank – prevents heat losses and saves energy
• 10-Watt LED interior lighting – makes all part geometries visible
• A fan for ventilation of the interior and a manual screen wiper guarantee a clear view

Clean Box Range

Designed for the effective cleaning of small,large and cumbersome parts

The different CLEAN BOX versions have been designed for the effective cleaning of small but also of large and cumbersome parts. This means that the system is applicable in various factory areas and production fields, such as in maintenance, machine building or commercial construction. The CLEAN BOXes stand out for their closed loop system, their easy handling and the use of low-temperature cleaners.
Using the CLEAN BOX systems is environmentally and employee-friendly. Every Box features a closed loop system which facilitates a long service life for the cleaner. A feed pump delivers the cleaning fluid through the washing brush, and afterwards it flows back into the storage tank. With the portable CLEAN BOX, the parts can be lifted by means of the immersion basket while the cleaning fluid remains in the box.
In addition, the CLEAN BOX systems have been specially designed for manageability and easy handling, which eases the employees’ physical strain.
Moreover, using these systems will reduce energy costs because contaminations are already removed efficiently at ambient temperature. The CLEAN Blue cleaners, such as CB 100 Blue, are particularly well suited for use in the various systems.

-All Boxes can be covered with a lid to avoid odour nuisance or evaporation of the cleaning fluid.
-The CLEAN BOX systems are based on one another and have been especially designed for the different cleaning requirements in the workplace.
-The CLEAN BOX, the CLEAN BOX Mobil and the CLEAN BOX Flow are designed for mobile cleaning of small parts. In addition, these Boxes save space because they are stackable.
-The CLEAN BOX Max 1, the CLEAN BOX Max 2 and the CLEAN BOX Flex, however, are suited for the removal of contaminations from bulky parts.
-With their trolley, the CLEAN BOX Mobil and the CLEAN BOX Flex are comfortable to push to the individual workplaces, and the CLEAN BOX is easy to carry thanks to its handles. The bigger cleaning platforms Max 1 and Max 2 can be transported by means of a pallet truck. So, the parts to be cleaned do not have to be transported to a cleaning station, which helps avoid additional risks caused by unwieldy or heavy parts.

The CLEAN BOX systems available:
Suitable for water-based acidic and alkaline cleaners:
• CLEAN BOX: Handy, easy to handle, stackable, and space-saving. Also portable thanks to its handles.
• CLEAN BOX Mobil: The cleaning box is extended by a trolley, which makes it easy to push the Box to the workplace without much effort.

Due to built-in electronics only suitable for water-based alkaline cleaners: 
• CLEAN BOX Flow: Integrating a battery-powered pump and a washing brush makes manual cleaning easier. The cleaning fluid is filtered through a set of drains, which extends service life. The system is a combination of the Box and a transport trolley, which makes the Box easy to take to the parts to be cleaned. In addition, there is space on the trolley for jerricans or work pieces.
• CLEAN BOX Max: Large parts can be placed on the cleaning platform and cleaned manually by means of a flow nozzle with an integrated washing brush. The big cleaning box is available in two sizes (Max 1 and Max 2).
• CLEAN BOX Flex: Similar to the CLEAN BOX Max, the Flex model is suited for large work pieces. In addition, it can be extended in size as desired and features an integrated collecting tray in compliance with the WHG (German Water Resources Act).


Specially designed for the cleaning of painting tools, such as spray guns, gravity spray guns or paintbrushes.

Our PROLAQ cleaning systems have been especially designed for the cleaning of painting tools, such as spray guns, gravity spray guns or paintbrushes.
PROLAQ is a spray gun cleaner that can reduce VOC emissions significantly, extend service & maintenance periods, and also increase the efficiency of operations across a wide range of areas.
Paint deposits are removed from hoses and tools, which helps avoid sloppy spray pattern or droplet formation. The PROLAQ Compact parts washers is for manual paint removal, whereas PROLAQ Auto can also the clean painting tools automatically. The integrated compressed air gun then makes drying the parts easy.


• Recyclable, on average 10 times longer service lives
• VOC-reduced and low-label or label-free under the CLP Regulation
• Safe workplace with positive effects on the employee
• Protective measures & costs are obsolete or minimized:
o No extraction required
o No special transport- and storage regulations
o The paint strippers and varnish removers are disposed of as standard solvent waste (if the device       is used properly)
o Disposal quantities are reduced to one tenth.


The devices are complemented by our spray gun cleaners, merging into an effective system for the removal of undried varnish, paint and ink.
What makes it special: HAZMAT reduction and multiple cleaner usage
Instead of using conventional thinners, the PROLAQ systems work with HAZMAT-reduced cleaners that facilitate pleasant work, make storage easy and save the environment.
Integrated cleaner treatment
The parts washers facilitate multiple use of the cleaning fluids. This is achieved by recirculation and 3-step treatment, which also leads to savings in costs, waste and resources.

3-step -treatment:
1. Coarse paint and varnish residues are collected by a pre-filter.
2. The fluid flows on into a sedimentation basin, where the suspended particles contained in the        cleaner settle on the bottom.
3. After that, the cleaner flows through a fine filter, where smaller particles are collected.
This way the useful life can be extended many times over, depending on the imported varnish and interaction between varnish and cleaner.

Available Models: –

– PROLAQ Compact 


Sturdy, fully automatic cleaning device for one-step cleaning and decreasing.

Sturdy, fully automatic cleaning device for one-step cleaning and degreasing.
The HTW is made completely from stainless steel and powerful, easy and safe to operate and handle, and hence perfect for parts cleaning in service and maintenance, production and manufacturing. Due to the powered rotating rack and the spray pressure, the Bio-Circle cleaners in the hot-water parts washer have an optimal effect on the items to be cleaned. By adding the product Corrosion protection for water-based systems, also temporary preservation of the cleaned work pieces is achieved.
The HTWs combine reliable quality with innovative technology. This can also be seen in the excellent cleaning performance, easy handling, low-maintenance technology and practical equipment components.
They are available in three sizes: HTW II – 800, HTW II 1000, and HTW II – 1200.
Can be used in:
• Maintenance of machines
• Motor repair
• Maintenance of wheeled and tracked vehicles
• Production of steel parts
• Degreasing prior to varnishing
• Cleaning of bulk goods (oils and shavings)
• Electronic industry
• Maintenance of rail vehicles

• Completely made from stainless steel, for mechanical cleaning in the acidic, neutral and alkaline range
• Power-actuated rotating rack with motor protection
• Powerful stainless steel pump
• Compact design, easy handling, high cleaning power
• Effective and economical
• Perfect for parts cleaning in service and maintenance, production, manufacturing, and the service industry
• Energy-efficient
• Outstanding cleaning results in combination with the STAR cleaners

Available Models:-
– HTW II 800
– HTW II 1000
– HTW II 1200 


Combination of fully automated and manual cleaning with the biological BIO-CIRCLE L Turbo cleaning fluid

The BIO-CIRCLE Turbo Stainless Steel – the efficient combination of fully automated and manual cleaning with the biological BIO-CIRCLE L Turbo cleaning fluid. Due to the spinning rack and the high spraying pressure the BIO-CIRCLE L Turbo can act optimally on the parts to be cleaned. For fast and accurate manual cleaning, the flow brush or the nozzle can be used instead of automatic cleaning mode.
• Solid stainless steel design with a high payload, heatable, factory-set to an optimal 50°C/122°F
• Sturdy stainless steel rack with mechanical spinning, touch button to spin the rack in idle mode for easy loading and unloading and for manual cleaning
• 2-in-1 combination of fully automated and manual cleaning depending on the application
• Automatic cleaning pressure of 4 bar
• High spray pressure
Available Models:-
– Bio-Circle Turbo 800
– Bio-Circle Turbo 1000
– Bio-Circle Turbo 1200



Ultrasound is a very effective and gentle cleaning method. The ultrasound generates millions of minute vacuum bubbles in the cleaning fluid that will create a high pressure when they collapse. This combination allows for optimal cleaning results especially on parts that feature complex geometries.

• Can be used with special Bio-Circle ultrasonic cleaning agents
• Thorough cleaning of parts with complex geometries
• Manifold applications in the industry
• Reduction of hazardous substances by means of special cleaning agents
• Environmental- and employee protection


RWR systems by Bio-Circle are the perfect solution for cleaning internal circuit systems without dismantling

RWR systems by Bio-Circle are the perfect solution for cleaning internal circuit systems without dismantling. The RWR KST is customized to the particular requirements on the cleaning of cooling ducts in plastic injection moulds. It increases the cooling effect, this reducing the scrap rate and facilitating a higher rate of production.
• System for the cleaning of cooling ducts in plastic injection moulds
• Removes limescale and corrosion from internal circuit systems
• No time-consuming dismantling – just install a supply- and a return pipe and start cleaning
• Cleans and flushes systems on the principle of orbital cleaning
• Time- and cost-saving
• Also cleans complex pipe geometries
• Mobile
Available Models: –
– RWR 80 L KST Dual Automatic
– RWR 80 L KST Dual Manual
– RWR 80 L KST Automatic
– RWR KST for plastic injections Mould- Manual
– RWR Pipe and Heat exchanger cleaning device